Do you want Chatbot in your Customer Service Strategy? Make sure you answer these questions first.

Were you the one of many customer service managers who implemented chatbot during 2018? Chatbots were trendy solution which was implemented in many popular channels like website, app and Facebook Messenger. By latest estimates, 40% of chatbots will be out of their jobs in 2019.

There are many chatbots struggling to be relevant and useful to live up to their hype.

Let’s talk about some of the approaches you can take in 2019 to make a chatbot useful and relevant.

Are you using Artificial Intelligence?

If not, you should consider using AI and integrate various customer service tools to add value to your chatbot. AI will make your chatbot functional and personalized which in turn will make it useful for customers. AI bot can learn about customers, find out how they want to be replied and talk in personalized manner which in many cases humans fails to do so.

Is your chatbot adding value to your overall customer service?

Is your chatbot adding more hassle than value? Then it is time for you to think about your overall customer service strategy and how chatbot can add overall value.

Start thinking where self-service makes more sense and how can a chatbot help customers.

If bot is not making sense in the kind of service it is providing then probably it is time to let it go.

Your chatbot talks naturally?

When talking with your chatbot, does it feel like talking with robot or human?

The most important part in conversations is tone of voice and natural flow. If bot is replying in a very automated way, then customers will feel disconnected with your bot and will either close the chat or ask for agents.

Try to add some human touch and make it more natural.

When are you escalating to human agents?

Chatbots are not snake oil for customer service and cannot replace your human agents. Bots at best can support human agents to better manage their time.

Have an escalation process in place when bots are not providing correct answers to customers and make it automatic to provide a seamless transition.

Do customers have choice?

Are you giving customers to choose between bots and humans to get support? Not all customers prefer bots and may not have the patience to use it all the time.

Give your customers to choose whether they want to skip bots and connect directly with human agents.

Chatbots can help you to automate customer service and provide better customer experience. You can support your customers during odd hours, get consistent service and manage any volume of customers without the addition of headcount. But implementation of chatbot which really helps your customer service strategy should be your focus in 2019.

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