How to Check Voter List in Nepal?

Are you eligible to vote in the Nepal election and want to know about your voter registration status? You can get your voter registration information from Election Commission Nepal and check your voter list with detailed status.

For your convenience, we have added the voter list checking process along with a form to check your voter list from this page itself.

Who can Vote?

If you are a Nepali citizen and are 18 years and older then you are eligible for voting. You must have registered your voter ID before voting. If you want to register for the upcoming election then you need to visit your nearest District Administration Office with your citizenship to register your voter ID.

How to check the voter list?

To check your voter list you need to go to Election Commission Nepal website voter database list.

Step 1

Go to the above website and enter your details.

Step 2

Enter your state, district, VDC/Municipality, ward number, and voting station and submit the details.

Step 3

You will get to see the list of all the registered voter’s list for the details entered. You will know voter ID, name, age, gender, husband’s/wife’s name, and father/mother’s name. You need to search your name from the list. Once you find your name then click on the blue detail button.

Step 4

After you click on the detail button you need to enter either your date of birth or citizenship number along with CAPTCHA.

Step 5

Once verified you will get the entire details of your registration along with your picture.

That’s it! You have your voter list details.

Be a responsible citizen and use your voting right. If you have not registered yet or need to transfer to your polling station then visit your district administration office to update your details.

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